Splantzia & Kum Kapi Tour




On this tour you will discover the exterior of the east Venetian walls, near the sandy beach, Kum Kapi area (a village of poor North African slaves used to live there in the old days) and then the wealthy residential and graphical Halepa area. You will also hear historical information from the audio guide system. Halepa area played an important role in the history of Crete, as the famous “Halepa Agreement” was signed on October 1878 between Ottomans and Cretans for the assignment of a limited autonomous regime in the island. You will also see traditional and beautiful buildings, as well as the consulates of the Great Powers, the school of San Joseph, where nuns taught French and savoir vivre to the rich girls, The Palace ( which was the house of the High Commissioner Prince George in 1898 and since then it was called The Palace), the Residence of the Prime Minister of Greece – Eleftherios Venizelos, as well as the elegant church of Aghia Magdalene – Build by Price George and was dedicated to Mary Magdalene in commemoration of a visit of his sister Maria to Chania – wife of the Grand Duke of Russia.

In detail, the monuments you will see are:


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Starting Point: 25, Chrisanthou Episkopou Street
DEPARTURE TIME Every Mon-Wed-Fri at 13:00 pm

Every Tue-Thu-Sat at 14:00 pm

GROUP 2-6 persons
DURATION 1h and 15min
PRACTICE 5-10 min before the tour
HISTORICAL INFORMATION THROUGH AUDIO GUIDE SYSTEM United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Greece France Russia Italy Germany Norway Spain
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing.
DISCOUNT Children under 16Y.O 10% discount
COMPLEMENTARY Photos & bottle of water.