Chania Segway Tours-FAQs
Chania Segway Tours-FAQs 1

I am a solo traveler. Is it possible to go on a tour?

Yes, you could send us your request ( and we will reply with the time and date of the available tour that you could join.

Chania Segway Tours-FAQs 2

What is the minimum age requirement?

There is no age limits on our tours, but there are weight restrictions. Every participant should be over 35kg (77,17lbs) till maximum 110kg (242,5 pounds) and at least 1.40cm (55inch ) height.

Chania Segway Tours-FAQs 3

I have never ridden a Segway before! Is it easy?

Absolutely! Of course everyone receives a Segway training from our guide before each tour (10-15min). In that time everybody is ready to go!

Chania Segway Tours-FAQs 4

Is it necessary to book in advance or we can just come by the office?

It is highly recommended to book in advance in order to avoid any disappointment!

Chania Segway Tours FAQs 5

How can i pay for the Segway tour?

A payment is always needed to have a valid booking. You fill in the reservation form, you receive a message that is was received, then you will receive a reply of the availability or not, and to confirm your final request, you will receive a link to complete your payment – Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal. Once you complete your payment, automatically, your reservation will be valid.

Chania Segway Tours FAQs 6

Can pregnant women go on a Segway Tour?

Safety is our priority, therefore pregnant women are not allowed on Segway tours.

Chania Segway Tours FAQs 7

Do the Segway Tours operate when it's raining?

Yes, the tours run in light rain (raincoats provided). In case of severe or unsafe weather conditions, the tour can be rescheduled for another day and time, subject to availability. No refund is applicable.

Chania Segway Tours FAQs 8

What happens if one of our group's member cancel?

Cancellation or any change made under than 24h prior to the tour’s starting time will be fully charged ( for the total number of persons booked)

Chania Segway Tours FAQs 9

What happens if I change my mind the day of my tour and want to reschedule for another day?

We always try to provide best services but this is also considered as a last-minute cancellation thus will be fully charged.