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AddSeat - Chania Segway Tours


AddMovement is run by Marit Sundin in Åre. The company specialises in developing and adapting seats and solutions for two-wheeled gyroscopic vehicles. Construction and implementation are carried out in cooperation with the experts at WSM Consulting Group.

The company sells Segway´s and other gyro vehicles with different seats solutions. AddMovement is both a company and an invitation to live a more mobile life.

One of AddSeat’s greatest advantages is the seat’s glide function. By moving their centre of gravity forward or backward, users can quickly start and stop the Segway. This function does not only provide comfort, but it is important from a safety perspective since this type of vehicle can be driven at speeds of up to 20 km per hour.


The Segway wheelchair AddSeat creates a new level of mobility freedom! 

It can give the freedom to enjoy and have an unforgettable experience. 

Request your Addseat private tour and enjoy a city tour with your friends and family!

AddSeat is created to give both the user and the family freedom to live a richer life with more independence. Following your friends and family on adventurous trips with challenging environments should not be a struggle, but a joy.

Our gyro wheelchair is designed for comfort on a durable chassis that is built to last. With the active suspension of the variable height version of the AddSeat, you ride around in first-class comfort. Our Segway wheelchair enables the user to sit higher, making a conversation with a standing person much more pleasent.

With all these benefits the AddSeat makes a perfect mobility vehicle for a more active life.

AddSeat - Chania Segway Tours

A letter from Marit Sundin about ADDSEAT

“AddMovement allows me to share the experiences and clever solutions I have developed over the past 25 years. For example, the idea for AddSeat originated from the sit-ski that Marit developed in cooperation with Hedemora Anpassning during my years as an elite skier. AddSeat is a Swedish seat that transforms a two-wheeled gyroscopic vehicle. It was originally designed for the Segway and can be tailored to meet many different needs and requirements. A Segway equipped with AddSeat is easy to handle and can be driven on a variety of surfaces.

I lost my legs in a car accident when I was three years old and had always had to find solutions for obstacles of all sizes. As a twelve-year-old I discovered skiing and it quickly became a passion in my life. In 1990 I won all of the sit-ski disciplines at the World Cup in Winter Park, Colorado. Two years later I won Olympic gold in the giant slalom in French Albertville, but my Olympic venture ended with a crash and a spinal injury that forced me to give up my alpine career.

A sedentary life has never been on the books for me. I moved to the ski resort Åre in 2001 to continue to ski and be close to nature and friends and family. Living in Åre and having as active an everyday life as possible have turned me into a problem-solver and innovator on many levels.”

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